Image not rendering in jsreport 2.5 with pug/electron-pdf

  • Hello, we upgraded from 1.9.2 (with jade and electron-pdf) to 2.5 (switched to pug and electron-pdf) recently and our images are no longer rendering. We have dynamic base64 strings that are placed into image tags. Here is a snippet of the template:

    if (frontMatterPages)
        each frontMatterPage in frontMatterPages
                .page-content(style="text-align: center")
                    if frontMatterPage.base64
                        img(src="data:image/png;base64, #{frontMatterPage.base64}" width="95%" height="auto")

    I made an example in the sandbox. The base64 string is the same, but when used as a variable it doesn't work:

    In the example, the first image does not render, but the second does. Is there some syntax change that I'm missing to put variables in the image tag?


  • administrators

    i think pug no longer replaces variables inside strings in that way, it needs some ES6 string interpolation, basically change it to:

    src=`data:image/png;base64, ${frontMatterPage.base64}`

    same example but now working with the syntax change:

  • Oh thanks! I did not manage to search for the right thing to get the string interpolation info. I appreciate your time!

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