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  • Which pdf-password option should we use to make the PDF edit proof? I am trying to make the PDF read-only and not let the users edit it.

  • Bump, we are having trouble with this as well. We'd like the pdf to be able to be opened by anyone, but a tool will not allow changes to the pdf itself, either by protecting with a password, or otherwise just not allowing the edits.

    Our request has the following:

    "template" : {"name":"directoryFourColumnTemplate","pdfPassword":{"active":false,"ownerPassword":"1234","protectionLevel":3}}
    "data" : ...

    We are using the jsreports docker image jsreport:2.5.0-full

    When the pdf is rendered I can still edit the document, when I believe that protection level 3 should be print only. I am not sure how to get an example in the playground since it doesn't seem to have a way to make the request with the pdf-password extension?

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    @rvidya i think that using both password and ownerPassword is enough to make the pdf not editable. is that not true?

    the whole protectionLevel flag is a bit broken because i did not understand how the internally library that we use was working with that value, so months ago i asked a question to know better about it, after some months i see that i got a response https://github.com/galkahana/HummusJS/issues/358 which clarifies things a bit and it makes me think that i'm not using that option correctly.

    can any of you tell me what tool are using to modify the PDF? maybe i can try to fix the protection level and then use the same tool to test that modifications are not allowed after the fix

  • Thanks for replying @bjrmatos , using both password and ownerPassword is enough to make the pdf not editable, however, we would like the pdf to be able to open without asking for a password and just not let users edit the PDF.

    I use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to see if I can edit the PDF.

  • Hi @bjrmatos, how did the tool help you with testing?

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    i did not had the chance to take a look at this problem, we are busy preparing jsreport 2.6.0, however i've created this issue https://github.com/jsreport/jsreport-pdf-password/issues/6 in which you can keep track of the progress.. after releasing the new jsreport we can take look at this.

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