Generate a PDF and apend existing PDF with Images

  • Hi, I want to know if is even possible to generate a pdf with phantom-pdf and after that apend multiple existing PDF with only images. I´m reading about jsreport pdf-utils and want to reach this on code side. If it's posible how can I do that?

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    hi! yes it is possible, check this example that uses chrome-pdf, but in the end it should work with phantom.

    NOTE: the example should be even more easy with the usage of static-pdf recipe, but for now the static-pdf does not work in playground

  • Hi thanks for your reply, actually I can't try the examples you give to me. I'm trying to merge the PDFs in a node web service, where the jsreport is runing on another service and the client is called like this:

    const client = require('jsreport-client')('http://Localhost:5488', "", "");

    So I'm stuck because i don't know how to import or call pdf-utils on my nodejs web service to use methods like .append()

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