disappeared reports on docker at azure

  • I have a docker on azure with jsreport 2.5.0.
    I created the reports from his. and after a few days it disappeared.
    Is there any setting I must pass in the environment variables or something I'm failing?

  • @odirleiborgert you need to setup some sort of storage persistence for your reports, otherwise when the Docker container restarts (which Azure will occasionally do) you will lose you reports since by default it will be using filesystem provider which is the containers local filesystem which disappears along with the container on restart. We found this same issue (actually its not an issue, just needs correct config) we trialled using Azure Blob Storage which had reliability issues, also tried using the App Services persistent disks which also had stability issues, we found the most reliable (has not faulted in 6 months) was a MongoDb provider, we are using MongoDb Atlas account for $9/month and it works flawlessly

  • Hello, I was able to solve the problem with jan_blaha's solution by setting up Azure Blog Storage.

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