Jsreport rendering image "FROM" what domain?

  • I am querying on the jsreport rendering option.
    In short, the jsreport cannot render the s3 bucket's images if those images are set to only allow accessing from specific ips/url link.

    1. Using js-report-client on EC2(PORT:3000)
    2. Using js-report-app on EC2(PORT:5488)
    3. Configured S3 bucket policy only allow that EC2_URL:3000/* and EC2_URL:5488/* to access the resources
    4. The downloaded PDF is showing a broken image on the rendered PDF(offline, stored locally)
    5. if remove the #3 config, the images will show if re-rendering and download the PDF
      So, I am looking for an url or domain that the js-report is using to render the PDF to prevent encountering the broken image issue(Forbidden access)
      Please advice.

  • The url will be something like localhost I guess. You can make your own web server, put there an image and check how the host looks like when it is requested by jsreport/chrome.

    I think should IP addresses for the restriction. The url isn't secure anyway. The ip address will be the same as your EC2 ip.

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