Xlsx recipe incorrect content type after upgrading to 2.6.0

  • We've been using JSReports 2.5.0 in docker for a couple of weeks to generate both Pdf and Xlsx reports. We have been using the Content-Type returned by JSReports to create a response in a web server (mostly out of convenience; we could hard-code it, if necessary).

    After upgrading to 2.6.0, the content type for xlsx recipe is being returned as Content-Type →[object Object] (This is causing exceptions in our web server; also confirmed in Postman). Pdf reports still work as expected.

    Is there an upgrade step we need to take to get this working correctly? We had to upgrade to 2.6.0 (or, at least, upgrade the Chrome version in 2.5.0) to get Pdf reports generating in our Azure app service.

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    hi! i can confirm this problem and i've fixed the issue here.

    the problem affects any office extension (like xlsx, docx, pptx, html-to-xlsx), so it is likely that we will release hot fix for this soon after some discussion internally. you can apply the change manually if you need this to be working as soon as posible

  • Nice, thanks for the quick response!

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