Can the reponse stream be forced to error in case of jsreport error?

  • I pipe the response stream from jsreport directly to s3 for file storage. If jsreport is unavailable or other alike problem I will catch this in on('error', e =>.., because the stream will emitt an error.

    But if jsreport itself emits a problem it will do this inside the stream, i.e. the stream file is an error message instead of a pdf file.

    Is there any setting that makes jsreport close the stream instead?

    I suppose I could inspect the stream and try to identify error messages, but the message itself is mostly text based with no error codes.

    {"message":"Unable to find specified template or user doesnt have permissions to read it: rJxZpXJYwB_","stack":"Error: Unable to find specified template or user doesnt have permissions to read it: rJxZpXJYwB_\n    at module.exports (/app/node_modules/jsreport-core/lib/util/createError.js:11:13)\n    at Reporter.createError (/app/node_modules/jsreport-core/lib/reporter.js:288:12)\n    at AsyncFunction.<anonymous> (/app/node_modules/jsreport-templates/lib/templates.js:134:20)"}

    Real life scenario:
    If my API server requests a report from jsreport with wrong parameters (maybe an incorrect shortid), the user will get a report with an error message. If I could catch this I could handle the error a bit more user friendly.

  • I think you should primarily inspect the HTTP status code.

  • Thank you!
    I hadn't done my homework on streams. I naively thought that the error event on the stream would catch all problems. Didn't even know that I would get a response event as well as a readable stream from the request library.

    Reading the status code is of course the right way to do it.

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