Configure JSReports Single File Windows by command line

  • Hi, I install and use the Windows single executable.
    But, I need to use the configuration (FOR TIMEOUTS).

    My steps are:
    1- Install the Windows single executable: jsreport.exe win-install httpPort 17050
    2- I use by on-prem to localhost:17050

    But, the pdf-utils throws timeout.

    How can I configure templatingEngine timeout in the installation?
    Or, I already have a jsreport.config.json, when I install the Single executable, where's the installation destination folder?
    I found it on a temp folder, can I pass the config file there?

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    hi! what version of the executable are you using? the last one 2.6.0?

    the easy way to configure the win service created is to put the jsreport.config.json file at the same directory of the exe, when the win service starts it will read the config, also if you stop the service, change the config and start the service it will recognize the change. you just need to put the jsreport.config.json file along with the exe.

  • All works.
    Thanks @bjrmatos

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