Child template data doesn`t show

  • Hi All, I'm new in JSReports and I'm doing some tests to replace our Jasper Reports to JSReports.

    I created a child template and it's works well when I try to render it. I added the template inside another template and now the child data doesn`t appears. Only the header.
    What am I doing wrong?

    I created a playground that simulates it:

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    hi! we have a bug in the "Share" button of playground (that is why the URL you are sharing contains {window.location.href} in it, for now to share the real playground link copy the browser URL and paste it here.

  • @felipebossolani Thank you for the updated demo.

    We need to have some discussion around this problem here.
    We will post info as soon there is some result.
    Until then you need link the sample data also to the main entity.

  • @jan_blaha Thanks for your reply.

    I used Detailed Stock Report example as my guide and it`s working well. I need something like that: lot of differents sub-reports, header, footer, page numbers etc.
    Will work for me. I imagine will be hard to reuse it in another report thats the main reason that I really want to use child templates.


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