413 request entity too large

  • Hi - I am running a report in the studio with an XLSX template that is around 206 KB and when I try to save the changes it spits back an error that says "413 request entity too large". The template file size seems to be what I would think is on the smaller size at 206kb, however there are some complexities inside of it.

    I am trying to understand what the limitations on a template file may be as it seems the actual file size itself should be ok?

  • What jsreport version do you use?
    Don't you run a web server like nginx in front jsreport?

    jsreport default limit for input request is 20mb so the most likely this error comes from your web server and not from jsreport.
    Also jsreport error has a different message for quite some time.

  • Thanks for the reply - I am actually just using the studio in my cloud account, but here is what it says in the about part for the version. Basically when I tried to click save or saveall from the top menu, it attempts to save and then a modal pops up with the error "413 request entity too large", it said it was coming from

    jsreportonline version: 1.0.2
    jsreport version: 2.4.0

  • Ah ok. You use the jsreportonline, please note it the next time...

    The jsreportonline has limitation for 1MB uploaded xlsx template.
    However, I see our web server rejects also 700KB files.
    We will see if we can fix this in the next jsreportonline update.
    I apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Ok thanks! The part that I'm looking clarity on is that my file is only 206KB, so the file size itself seems to be fine.

    Is there maybe something that happens after the fact where it sends the raw data from the file (uncompressed) a different way to where it's not visible by the user perhaps what the size of the body of the entity itself is?

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    i'm curious about your issue.. so this 413 error actually happens when you run the report, right? can you share your account name (http://[account-name].jsreportonline.net) and the template name you use for the run? i would like to inspect the case later by actually running your same report.

  • Not running the report, just trying to click 'save' after uploading an XLS template to use. I am able to run the report ok. However, since I am unable to actually save it with the file uploaded you probably wont be able to see the template file in the account. I can email it to you if you would like?

    Here is the template - https://varro.jsreportonline.net/studio/xlsxTemplates/BO6iY9G

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    ahh ok. thanks for the details, i was thinking that this happens during report rendering and i was getting confused about it. yes sure, you can email me the xlsx template here support@jsreport.net , and if you can make an export zip with the rest of entities (data, template with helpers) and attach it to the email it would be great.

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