Generate Large Docx Document (More Than 1000 pages)

  • Hi Jan,

    I am trying to generate 1000 pages word document using DocX recipe and it is failing.

    So one of my requirement is to generate word document from docx template using docx recipie. In this case my docx template is of 1 or 2 pages but my data is large so that when JsReport processes data and template, resulting word document would be more than 1000 pages.

    So is their any configuration to do in JsReport for generating large Docx documents? I have installed JsReport on one of my linux server having 64GB RAM, 4 Quad Core processor each of 3.17 GHz. I dont think it could be due to hardware.

    One of the observation which I have is, I could generate docx document upto 250 pages and did not receive any error. However in real scenario, my client has requirement of generating more than 1000 page document.

    Kindly share your thoughts.


  • Thank you for getting in touch with us.
    I was able to quickly replicate your perf issue on a simple example.
    We will take a look at what is the bottleneck and optimize the recipe.

    Just linking github issue here

  • Thanks for your reply we are counting on optimized recipe for docx.

  • administrators

    @Kzhd problem was fixed here, not yet released in new version but soon..

  • Thank You @jan_blaha @bjrmatos for considering my request and resolved in just 1 day.
    Really appreciate you work looking forward for new version and explore it 😊.

  • @bjrmatos can you just give me tentative release date for this optimized recipe.

  • You can install the updated recipe as git dependency already using

    npm i jsreport/jsreport-docx --save

    It will take sometime time before we update the whole jsreport. We don't have any estimation so far there.

  • Thanks Jan will install the latest jsreport-docx on my server. Thanks 😊

  • Thanks @jan_blaha & @bjrmatos It's working good for me.
    Really appreciate your efforts.

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