chrome-df thead borders showing at bottom of previous page

  • I have a table which includes a CSS definition:

    .mytable thead {
        border-top: 1px solid #000000;

    when I display this via handlebars/chrome-pdf I get an unwanted extra line at the bottom of the page before the thead element is displayed:

    0_1574380023731_Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 10.41.41 am.png

    Removing the border-top fixes the issue. It also happens if I remove the tbody border-top and replace it with a border-top on the table element

  • this appears that it may be related to Chromium bug:

  • administrators

    i see, hmm when i see this kind of errors usually i "fix" it by increasing/reducing the margin - bottom of the pdf page (which you can do on the chrome pdf properties of studio). in most of the cases i'm able to fix those problems by doing that, i think it can be a good workaround for the chromium bug

  • tried some small changes (but really need the reports to fit close to 'regular' A4 margins so don't have much wiggle room), and still getting the issue (not on every page, but see it appear both as an extra line at the bottom and a double weight line between the thead/tbody area on different pages.) - looks like this is another issue that should get addressed with the LayoutNG fixed in Chromium so hopefully that's not going to be too far away...

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