Load image based on function value

  • I'm really new to jsreport and handlebars, so I'm hoping this is just a syntax thing. I've uploaded 12 images, and can include them in a report like this:

    <img src='{#image hero}' />

    However, I want to change the image based on the return value of a function. Used like this:

    {{#getImageName data}}{{/getImageName}}

    it correctly displays the required image name as plain text. Can I connect that function to the {#image} in some way?

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    hi! maybe it is best if you return "{#image hero}" from your getImageName helper.

    example: https://playground.jsreport.net/studio/workspace/SkiFdulQZ/12

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    also, we recommend using assets instead of images

  • Many thanks - yes, a function to return the entire string for the src tag works well. And assets is even better:

    <img src="{#asset {{getImageName this}}.jpeg @encoding=dataURI}" />

    I was confused by the add assets dialogue to begin with - I couldn't see how to add an image, and didn't realise the 'Upload' button didn't refer to 'styles.css'... Anyway, all sorted now.

    Thanks again!

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