wkhtmltopdf versions mismatch in gui and npm

  • command npm view wkhtmltopdf version gives me
    while in jsreport GUI it is 0.12.3: 0_1581702618582_Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 18.15.58.png
    Which one does jsreport use?
    Because I don't even have 0.12.3
    npm view wkhtmltopdf versions outputs:

    [ '0.1.0',
    '0.3.4' ]

  • The npm package wkhtmltopdf has nothing to do with the jsreport recipe.
    It is some kind of wrapper we don't use. Also using the npm view you get back that package version, not the wkhtmltopdf binary version.

    The recipe uses by default the binary version 0.12.3 as you see on the screen.

    Note there is no reason to use wkhtmltopdf these days unless you maintain already designed reports. Look rather at the chrome-pdf recipe.

  • Yes, I already have got designed reports. Is it feasible to install a particular wkhtmltopdf binary version that can be used by jsreport?If yes, how can I do it?

  • Try to put your wkhtmltopdf to the global path. So you can run it as wkhtmltopdf --version from everywhere.
    Then install the recipe again, it should check for presence of global wkhtmltopdf command and use it instead of downloading it.

  • I've installed wkhtmltopdf globally wkhtmltopdf --version wkhtmltopdf 0.12.5 (with patched qt)
    But UI still shows me only one possible option of wkhtmltopdf version 0.12.3

  • Unfortunately, this isn't reflected in the ui. You can find path to the used wkhtmltopdf in this file
    In the case of global command, you should see just wkhmltopdf there

  • I uninstalled all wkhtmltopdf versions locally and then reinstall it by brew cask install wkhtmltopdf and npm install jsreport-wkhtmltopdf
    It helped me. Thanks!

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