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  • In the Authentication page text, at the top under the section titled Basics, the following is stated:

    Authentication configuration adds a user administrator into the system responsible for managing other users. This user can create users, remove users or change their passwords. All other individual users do not have permissions to alter any other user.

    I can't find any user administrator page when logged in as Admin. I thought maybe in the gear icon menu, clicking on Admin would lead to it, but this does nothing.

    How can I add regular users to the jsreports server?

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    hi! jsreport has a configuration section called authentication where you can configure the user administrator (also know as the master user)

    for example with a configuration like the following:

    "authentication": {
        "admin": {
          "username": "admin",
          "password": "1234"

    the admin's username is admin with the text 1234 as the admin's password, when you use this credentials you are the user administrator, there is no other user created automatically.

    if you want to create more additional users you can do it using the users section of the entities tree of studio.

    0_1498063913532_Captura de pantalla 2017-06-21 a las 11.49.16 a.m..png

  • Already had the admin account set.

    Your screenshot helped though! The User section was hidden because of the frame edge. I didn't notice the scrollbar to show there were more sections available: Imgur.

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