Detailed error log via OData?

  • When an error occurs while rendering a report, I'll get status 400 from jsreport.

    In the console log at the jsreport-server, as well as in "Last failed requests" in Studio, I can find very detailed error information. Is there any way to get hold of this error log via an API-call to jsreport?

  • The error message with stack trace provided as the content of 400 response isn't enough?
    You just need to read it.

  • Aha, I read through the response, but I didn't see any stacktrace. I'll have another look.

  • Found it. Thanks!
    I'm normally streaming the content directly from jsreport to s3, so my "worker-server" never sees the actual content. In case of an error I just aborted the stream. Hadn't thought of it actually containing useful error information.

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