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  • I'm busy with a first attempt using jsreport for an invoice-kind of report. At the end of the report I'm calculating the total.

    (1) The sum sometimes has a small deviation. Example : 0.71 + 25.42 = 26.1300000000000000000003
    (2) I would like to be able to control the output format of my numbers

    (1) and (2) would be solved if i'm able to control the output format of my number ( let's say to 2 digits ). I'm new to jscript. I've been searching far an example or clue but without solution. Is there something out of the box I can use for number formatting or should I install an handlebars extension or ... ? ( on jsrender I found reference to .toFixed() but couldn't get this implemented )

    An example of my report can be found at :

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    as you already found that result with extra digits in the decimals is because javascript math is based on floating-point, so yes you need to format the numbers.

    i think you can solve this with the .toFixed or by searching out there some logic to format the number, i did a search and found this. so i have updated your example with the usage of the two ways:

    between the two, the numberFormat helper is better because it offers some customization options for the decimals and the separators.

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