Handlebars/HTML: Unable to render img tags within the table

  • Guys,

    I'm struggling to get the <img> rendered within the table and its rows, it's always put outside of the table (above it). I'm sure it's something obvious I'm missing.
    I've also tried to inject the row template via {{{ renderRow @this}}} syntax but the result it the same.

    Your help is appreciated. thank you

    Using JSReport 2.7.1

    <table class="image-table">
                        {{#each Hazard.Attachments}}
                            {{#each Images}}
                                {{#if (isImage @this)}}
                                            <img class="hazard-img" src="https://someurl/images/{{property}}" />

  • Hm, I would guess it is a css problem. How it looks when you render HTML recipe?
    Would you be able to show the problem in playground? Thank you

  • If the above is your actual code I think the problem is that you aren't opening the <td> at all. Instead you are closing it twice </td>

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