Best of chrome-pdf, phantom-pdf and electron-pdf recipes

  • Hi,

    I have tested with all these recipes and found that phantom-pdf rendering times are quite less when compared to other two. That means phantom-pdf performs better than other two for same set of data and on the same system configuration. We have used 4 cores and 16 GB RAM.
    The configurations i used for all 3 recipes are:
    "electron-pdf": {
    "strategy": "electron-ipc",
    "numberOfWorkers": 2,
    "pingTimeout": 6000000,
    "timeout": 6000000
    "templatingEngines": {
    "strategy": "http-server",
    "numberOfWorkers": 2,
    "forkOptions": {
    "execArgv": ["--max-old-space-size=6096"]
    "phantom-pdf": {
    "numberOfWorkers": 2,
    "timeout": 6000000,
    "strategy": "phantom-server"
    "chrome-pdf": {
    "strategy": "chrome-pool",
    "numberOfWorkers": 2

    Which according to you is the best report rendering recipe that we can use?
    In one of the responses, chrome-pdf is suggested. But between chrome-pdf and phantom-pdf which would be the better recipe?

    Thank you in advance

  • You can use what works for you the best.

    However chrome-pdf recipe should be the first choice for sure. That is why it is the default one.
    The problem with phantomjs is that its development was suspended.

  • I am analysing the performance of phantomjs and headless chrome and in general opinion is that "headless chrome" performs faster with less memory. But the testing i have done shows opposite. Any clarification on this would be helpful....

  • Hi Jan_blaha,

    In general, Chrome-pdf is supposed to have good performance or response times but we are not seeing that. For us Phantom-pdf is giving good numbers. Just want to know if we are missing anything.

  • We don't have a manual or information in which cases the chrome can be slower than phantom.
    It is probably very specific.

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