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  • Hello!
    I need that when I install the jsReports Windows service with the command "win-install", I can tell you somewhere or by parameter the folder where the service is installed.

    In other words, nowadays the service always installs it in C: \ user_xx \ Tmp \ jsreport \ ...

    Is it possible that it can be passed as a parameter?

    From already thank you very much!

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    Hi! the services is installed from the directory in which the app is present, for example if my project lives on C:\workspace\jsreport2.8.0 and i run jsreport win-install then the windows services is installed and started from C:\workspace\jsreport2.8.0\..

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  • What if my folder where it is has a space?
    C: \ Program files (x86) \ ...

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    i don't get it, does not work when your folder has a space? if so, what is the error message?

  • I execute the installer from this folder:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\dev"

    And jsReports cut at the first space: ("C:\ Program")

    "Failed to start service jsreport-server-exe. Program C:\Program couldn't be launched. CreateProcess() failed: The system cannot find the file specified."

  • I confirm this as a bug. Currently, you can't use win-install command inside a path with spaces.
    I apologize for this bug. We have the fix ready and it will be part of the next jsreport release.
    But I don't know when the next update comes.

    Please use a path without spaces now.
    Or install the service on your own without using the win-install command.
    You can use this utility for example

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