Timeout error during executing script Error

  • Our test environment is finding itself in a state once a day where jsreport seems to be hung.
    Every request from this point fails with a 500 error. Including a simple jsreport studio (WebUI) Run for a simple text with no transformations.

    Timeout error during executing script Error: Timeout error during executing script
    at null._onTimeout (..........\node_modules\script-manager\lib\manager-processes.js:24:8)

    Killing the largest memory node.exe process actually stops all the new instances as well and resolves the issue.

    The number of times it takes to cause the server to fail seems dependent upon the size of the report being run, small ones take about 100 runs, whereas larger ones take around 35 times before constant failure (with a 500 error).

    This seems to be a memory leak to me...

    Currently running under development mode...
    Initializing jsreport@1.5.1 in development mode using configuration file dev.config.json
    Setting process based strategy for rendering. Please visit http://jsreport.net/learn/configuration for information how to get more performance.

    When I switch from using dedicated-process for phantom to phantom-server and from dedicated-process task strategy to http-server the problem seems to go away...

    By the way I am running this through NodeIIS

    Is dedicated-process not recommended for IIS?

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    have you tried the latest jsreport@1.7 and see if it's the same case there?

    Is dedicated-process not recommended for IIS?

    i've never used node-iis (is this package?) but it should work there without problems too. can you try running it without IIS at all? i mean try to run jsreport directly from node.js, does the problem persist?

    profiling jsreport and search for possible memory leaks is in our plans, so this can be a good case for the test. can you share your jsreport config to have it as a reference in the test? anyway thnks for reporting this, we will search for memory leaks problems.

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