Hello everyone, I hope you are well, how do I change the name of the preview of pdf? When downloading, I change the name using reportName but the preview gives me the name of the data that I am consulting.

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    how are you handling the preview? is this jsreport studio? or a custom pdf preview in your app?

  • Hi, how are you?
    I use the jsreport with the following code
    let v_json = data
    let v_data = {
    template: {
    "shortid": "xxxxxxx"
    data: v_json,
    options: {
    preview: true,
    reportName: "test" ****Here I give it a name when the pdf is downloaded
    the "reportName" is for when it downloads, the question is how do I give it a name in the preview?
    As in the picture I show

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    hmm sorry still have doubts about how you render the preview, it seems you are sending an http request, right? what do you do with the response? how is that rendered in your html/app? that is critical to know when having the display name in the preview

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