Schedule CRUD?

  • Hi jsreport team,
    I am still learning the framework and reading the tutorials

    Is there a way to create email/schedules in a CRUD function programmatically via http request?

    Like I want the users to be able to crate schedules destined for their emails.

  • administrators

    hi! yes, you can create a schedule programmatically with http request, unfortunately, there are no docs about how to shape that http request. the best you can do right now is to check what the jsreport studio does, for example, when creating a schedule in jsreport studio you can inspect in the browser dev tools the http request that studio does, with that information you will know the shape of it and you will be able to replicate it in your app.

    PD: here is an old topic where we recommend the same, hope we can add proper http docs soon

  • @bjrmatos Ok another question: I picked the Azure Functions to deploy jsreport....andd I am still not quite sure if it was the best choice for us, I must be sure that I can use all jsreport's functionalities.

    Does the scheduling extension can work on Azure Functions?? I mean It requires CRON operations and Azure Functions in not a real running app but just a bunch of api functions. Please confirm back whether scheduling is possible on Azure functions and if yes, how it can be possible?

  • administrators

    @Samerkassem yes, you are right, the scheduling is a piece of code that needs a long-running process to work properly, short-lived execution like azure functions won't work as expected for you. i suggest just installing an on-premise server in a long-running process as usual if the scheduling is a core piece for your use case.

    having said that, you can definitely create a serverless architecture if you implement the scheduling on your own, i mean using some azure or AWS service that can queue tasks and execute the azure function. of course, this is a bit more complex than a traditional server but just mentioning this because if you really want to go serverless then implementing the scheduling on your own is not a bad thing and it definitely worth the tradeoff if you want to have everything serverless. we are just starting to experiment with the serverless use case so maybe in future maybe we can find more out of the box solutions for all the features of jsreport that are tied to a long-running process

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