Problem when email PDF generated by jsreport in iPad Chrome

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm facing a tricky problem.


    • We are calling jsreport API to generate PDF, i.e. post JSON to API, save the response (PDF) into HTML5 filesystem, and then to open a new window with url = file.toURL() to display the PDF in a pop-up window. This is working perfect for Windows Chrome.
    • Then we find it is somehow not working for iPad Chrome, and this link saved us - we can show the PDF in iPad Chrome with the PDF encoded as data URI. However this PDF cannot be emailed - selecting share > email it puts the lengthy URL into email instead of attaching the PDF file.
    • Now my idea is to open a new window/tab using, then post to jsreport with "options": { "Content-Disposition": "inline" } and specify the new window as the target. However it is very difficult (if not impossible) because:
      • Using ajax I cannot specify a submit target
      • Using normal HTML form submission I cannot submit JSON

    Any thoughts / alternatives / workarounds are appreciated. Thanks!

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    hi!, i guess that you are sending the request to jsreport by yourself instead of using the browser-client, right? if for some reason you need to do the request on your own you can take a look at the following code, there you can see how we use form submission to send the request to jsreport, also you will find how we encode a javascript object to make it valid in the form submission

  • Hi @bjrmatos! Thank you so much! Yes we are sending request to server by ourselves. We just missed the browser-client out as the server API is so easy to use and we just use angular $http to post without going through all docs.

    Will give it a try and let you know. Thanks again!

  • Hi @bjrmatos, sorry for late reply.

    Just an update: the browser-client does not resolve my problem. In iPad Chrome it does open a new tab to show the PDF, but cannot email / share it if the PDF is rendered using a POST method. Symptoms:

    • When you select Share icon then choose Email, the URL (which is jsreport server URL) is added to the email body without attachment
    • If you tap on the bottom right corner and choose "Open in..." Chrome says cannot download the PDF.

    I have tried both jsreport.render() and All the same.

    iPad Chrome is disappointing.

  • administrators

    hi @ericxinzhang , maybe you can try to workaround the browser limitations by using renderAsync (which does not use a form POST request but uses a AJAX POST request) with in the docs you can find a small example that uses renderAsync, maybe it will help with your case.

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