Increase Timeout for html-to-xlsx templates

  • Hi Jsreport,

    I have an urgent issue.

    0_1604454094215_Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 12.40.09 pm.png

    There is a timeout of 30 seconds for a html-to-xlsx report, we have been able to increase the timeout for pdf reports, but how do we increase the timeout for xlsx reports?

  • Please share the jsreport version number and the config.
    Since 2.7.0 it should be enough to increase the config in reportTimeout prop.

  • Hi Jan,
    We are updating to 2.8.0
    We were on 2.6.1

    We use docker, so we don't have a config file.

    How do we set this reportTimeout property when using docker?

  • With the 2.8.0 there is a default timeout 60s.
    You can see it in the output

    2020-11-09T11:35:23.926Z - info: Using general timeout for rendering (reportTimeout: 60000)

    If you want to increase it, you can use the environment variable

    docker run -p 5488:5488 -e reportTimeout=120000 jsreport/jsreport:2.8.0

    When you are still getting the timeout afterward, you may be hitting one bug we fixed recently. You can try to install the patch using

    npm i jsreport-html-to-xlsx@2.8.1 --save

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