Blank pdf output

  • I know this has got to have some super easy answer but I am just beginning with this stuff and followed this tutorial:

    Except it gives me a blank page as an output with no real error message.

    I'm using handlebars and chrome-pdf to do this...

    My database connection script is:

    const sql = require('mssql');
    const config = {
        "user": "user",
        "password": "password",
        "server": "server",
        "database": "database"
    async function beforeRender(req, res) {
         await sql.connect(config)
        const sqlReq = new sql.Request();
        const recordset = await sqlReq.query(
            `SELECT DBVersion
      FROM VersionTbl`
        Object.assign(, {Versions: recordset });         

    I can see it running and connecting properly in the debug tab... and my sql query seems to be correct if I test it directly in the database server.

    My template looks like this:

    {{#each Version}}

    The debug log...

    +0      Starting rendering request 27 (user: null)
    +2      Rendering template { name: PQRTemplate, recipe: chrome-pdf, engine: handlebars, preview: true }
    +2      Data item not defined for this template.
    +9      Resources not defined for this template.
    +10     Executing script Connection using dedicated-process strategy
    +779    Base url not specified, skipping its injection.
    +780    Rendering engine handlebars using dedicated-process strategy
    +937    Compiled template not found in the cache, compiling
    +951    Executing recipe chrome-pdf
    +1041   Converting with chrome HeadlessChrome/79.0.3945.0 using dedicated-process strategy
    +1115   Page request: GET (document) file:///C:/Users/********/AppData/Local/Temp/jsreport/autocleanup/264c975a-9ef2-4130-960c-84eeae2ec04a-chrome-pdf.html
    +1122   Page request finished: GET (document) file:///C:/Users/*******/AppData/Local/Temp/jsreport/autocleanup/264c975a-9ef2-4130-960c-84eeae2ec04a-chrome-pdf.html
    +1124   Running chrome with params {"printBackground":true,"margin":{}}
    +1327   Skipping storing report.
    +1327   Rendering request 27 finished in 1327 ms

    Can any of you smart people tell me what's going wrong? Thanks

  • The best would be if you would add to your script console.log(recordset). That would help you with debugging the problem.

    Which is likely this one:
    The resulting promise from the query call is actually an object that looks like { recordSet: [] }.

    So to fix your code you should do something like this:

    const queryResult = await sqlReq.query(
      `SELECT DBVersion ,MinAppVersion FROM VersionTbl`
    Object.assign(, {Versions: queryResult.recordset });     

  • We will make this much easier to troubleshoot in jsreport v3. Stay tuned. :)

  • That worked a treat! Amazing... and thanks very much jan!

  • Maybe please delete or answer your duplicated question here

  • Sorry for taking so long to do it, but I just directed the answer to this thread for anyone having the same issue. Thanks again...

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