"PDF contains errors", according to Acrobat Reader

  • How can I get rid of the error that Acrobat Reader claims my PDF has?

    There are no problems reading the PDF, but I'd rather not have an error in the file.


  • Hm. This pops up automatically or you found it somewhere in the tools? Do you have a pro version of acrobat or a normal one?
    This happens to all pdfs produced by jsreport or you have there something special?

  • Until now I have only previewed the PDFs in Chrome. I downloaded Acrobat Reader now.
    I should add that I'm trying to use pdfSign and pdfPassword. I'm having some trouble with pdfPassword, which I'll post about separately.

    I can reproduce this in signed pdfs:

    1. Open Signature panel in Acrobat Reader

    2. Expand "Signature details"

    3. Click "Click to view this version"

    4. In the new tab that opens I get the following information:

    5. Click "View report" to se the error message.

  • I created pdf from this html:

    {{{pdfFormField name='test' type='signature' width='100px' height='50px'}}}

    The out is here:
    0_1605709298228_a (49).pdf

    And if I open that protocol there are no errors mentioned.
    The same for you?

  • Yes, the same. I get no errors from that pdf.

    Here is my signing:

            pdfSign: {
              certificateAsset: {
                content: 'the cert..',
                encoding: 'base64',
                password:  'the cert password'
              "reason": "Test signing"

  • I see. Ok I created a tempate with a "Hello".
    Added certificate and configured it in the studio/pdf utils.
    Here is the output and I still don't see an error in the pdf integrity report. Can you check it?

    0_1605710700564_a (51).pdf

  • No error in that one either.
    I have emailed you my PDF. I have some more going on with PDF Utils, maybe this causes problem?


  • Yes, I see the error in the provided pdf...

    Could you please try to limit the template to something minimal we can use as a test case and try to debug the problem?
    It can be one image or a particular style or a chart...
    Just step by step remove the content until you have the minimal portion of content.
    Thank you

  • I'm slowly nearing the problem. If I uncheck the header-footer merge the error goes away.

    I have isolated the header-footer into it's own report, but I cannot reproduce the error. I'm guessing it has something with the merge to do. I don't have more time right now. Will get back to this if you need more input.

    My header-footer goes all the way to the edge of the paper. I.e. no margin. Here is how the header looks.

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