PDF, scrambled TOC

  • I'm building TOCs in my PDFs in accordance with the playground sample. Everything works great, but I just discovered that the TOC in Chrome and Acrobat shows rubbish.


    This was not the case some time ago. I don't often look at this TOC so I cannot tel when it happened. Could it be linked to the font problem I had before? This was solved by adding the following to the CSS:

    .jsreport-pdf-utils-page-item {
       font-family: Helvetica
    .jsreport-pdf-utils-page-group {
      font-family: Helvetica

    Here is the font problem-thread

  • Update:
    This seems to be an encryption problem.

    If I supply either pdfPassword.password or pdfPassword.ownerPassword, I get this rubbish TOC.

  • Thank you for the bug report. It's now fixed here

    npm i jsreport/jsreport-pdf-utils#f48b64246b583273001ad5c0cd96a238642407ee

  • Wow, that was fast!
    I'm relieved that this was fixable on your side. This was the most important functionality to me between pdfSign and pdfPassword. It will be nice when the underlying pdfSign problem gets solved as well, but I won't need it for now.

  • It works great. Any chance there will be a 2.11 with this fix included before 3.0? I have the npm install in my dockerfile, so it's ok. But I'd rather use an official 2.11 for production.

  • Thank you for the confirmation.

    It will be part of the 2.11. We will start with preparations next week.

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