Wrong display character.

  • The output of the pdf file display wrong character sometimes(especially in Thai with install font in the server). For example when first try to print the pdf it correctly but in the second time it display wrong. (https://postimg.cc/FfKLTrBj)

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    hmm did you tried to explicetly define the encoding in the html?

    something like:

        <meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type">
         ก ไก่

  • I already define the encoding in the beginning of the code.

  • Now, I move to work on Windows side use the same JSON data but it work probably, in the CentOS use the same data it display a diamond question mark. How to fix that? Thank.

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    hmm your CentOS machine is probably missing the fonts needed to support the Thai characters, you need to identify which fonts you need to install.

    i tried to search for some history about your problem and the closest is this , which in the end the user says that it got solved by installing different types of fonts, unfortunately, it did not say the font names. i found also this, which it claims that it gets the Thai characters supported just fine, you probably can check that to get the necessary font-names you need to install on CentOS

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