Repeat header and footer in docx and xlsx.

  • I need to add a Footer and Header in each page of docx file, I tried in the word footer template:

    but it only works in the first page.

    Can anyone help me please.


  • administrators

    hi @seerat89 can you please share an example? i would like to see in which case the header/footer stops to work. i tried a simple example and i see it working, you can check it here

    0_1610994628504_Captura de pantalla 2021-01-18 a la(s) 1.24.01 p. m..png

    but of course, this does not mean anything, because if it is not working for you there can be other things involved in your template that are making it to not work, and it will better to check it in your real template

  • @bjrmatos , I am doing pretty much the same, but in my example (attached) there is a cover page which should not have any header and footer.

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