Page-break What am I doing wrong?

  • After reading a lot of different topics and forum I'm realized that the problem have to be me.

    The issue is simple, I'm trying to avoid a page break in a certain position of my report. There's two possible points when a page break can came up so I've added a div container with a 'page-break-inside: avoid' statement, but you can see next the result:


    An this is the code:


        @if (Model.Comission != 0)
        <div class="fullWidth avoidPageBreak" style="display: flex;">
            <div class="contractTitleItem textRight">
            <div class="contractTextItem textLeft">
        <div class="fullWidth avoidPageBreak" style="display: flex; border: 1px solid black">
            <div class="contractTitleItem textRight">
            <div class="contractTextItem textLeft">


    .avoidPageBreak {
        -webkit-column-break-inside: avoid;
        -webkit-break-inside: avoid;
        page-break-inside: avoid;
        break-inside: avoid;

    Thanks in advance

  • Could you please share a minimal playground demo showing the problem? Thank you

  • I hope it helps.

    I assumed that the 'Observaciones' field should not be cut off as the container div has a 'page-break-inside: avoid', but it is nevertheless cut off.


  • Thank you.
    It seems here is the relevant topic discussed
    And it seems the only known solution so far is to avoid using flexbox this case.

  • It works like a charm, thank you very much!

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