XLSX download via Docker jsreport/jsreport:1.7.0-full results in corrupt file

  • It started with my previous post, and since this appears to a different issue, opening up a new thread.

    Using this playground example, the file downloaded is corrupt if you are running jsreport via a Docker container.

    If I install/run jsreport locally using the same configuration, same application API calls (or using the studio), download works fine w/o an issue (npm install, jsreport init, jsreport start).

    LibreOffice Errors

    Error #1

    Error #1


    Starting the docker image using composer file:

      hostname: jsreport
      image: jsreport/jsreport:1.7.0-full
      restart: always
        - "2945:2945"
        - ./new-containers/jsreport-home:/jsreport


      "certificate": {
        "key": "certificates/jsreport.net.key",
        "cert": "certificates/jsreport.net.cert"
      "connectionString": { "name": "fs" },
      "httpsPort": 2945,
      "logger": {
        "console": {
          "transport": "console",
          "level": "debug"
      "express.inputRequestLimit": "50mb",
      "blobStorage": "fileSystem",
      "phantom": {
        "strategy": "dedicated-process",
        "timeout": 60000
      "tasks": {
        "strategy": "dedicated-process",
        "timeout": 10000,
        "allowedModules": []
      "scripts": {
        "allowedModules": [],
        "timeout": 60000

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