SyntaxError: Parse error

  • I am using jsreportonline to render reports and have recently started getting an error "SyntaxError: Parse error" unfortionatly that is all the feedback I get from JSReport online is there a way for me to determine what the specific error is?

    Many thanks.

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    try to isolate the code in the report, to me it seems like you have an error in some script attached to the template, try removing any script referenced to the template or replace it with empty functions, try to check that everything in your template is well written according to the engine that you are using, you can also try to start with an empty template and start adding the code piece by piece until you can reproduce the error, that way you will know exactly what part of your template is causing the problem.

  • To be honest I have done this already I have written multiple unit tests around the implementation it realy seems down to Data passed in however I have validated the data multiple times via json validators and the data looks good when I send a subset of data it works but other times it does not.

    Is there no diagnostics avaialble when using jsreport online ?

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    does the "Debug" button give you something useful? maybe it will give you more information about the rendering of the report.

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    usually the same error that node.js throws is propagated to the response of jsreport, so it already returns what the node.js engine would return.

    what is your account name in jsreportonline? i can try to look if there is any internal error in jsreportonline related with your account. you can also post here the logs of jsreport when using the "Debug" button in studio.

  • Your account name would be definitely useful to analyze your issue.
    Would it be possible to write to a file the whole request body for such failed request and email it to me?

    If it is an urgent issue, you can also reach me on skype or gitter for faster chat. @pofider

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