Ordered lists do not have prepended number

  • When using a <ol> element it does not provide (1,2,3..) on the <li> elements, the same happens to an unordered list where it doesn't bring by default the little circle.

    I'm using chrome-pdf with handlebars

    Is this a known issue that has a possible solution?

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    i see the both the ordered and un-ordered list styles works, check it here.

    maybe you have some css styles in your page that remove the default styles

  • @bjrmatos Thank you for the response, seems that you are right, i've found some CSS that was overriding the default ul/ol styles. Is there any way i can inspect the generated output HTML? It seems the right side html/css is rendered inside an iframe and i was wondering if there's any good way for visual inspection

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    @underfisk there is no other way to inspect other than the standard browser dev tools. for a better experience when checking the styles you should change the recipe to html then right click the iframe at the right side and open the dev tools, you should be able to inspect the styles from there.

  • @bjrmatos It does the trick when changing to HTML, at least i get a sense of the final output, thanks once again

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