External href links broken when rendering in production (AWS). Works fine via Studio.

  • I think I'm loosing hair over this..

    I can embed hrefs in my PDFs without problem. They render fine on my production server at AWS Fargate. The hrefs works fine when I download the report.

    If I embed hrefs for svg elements it seems to break all hrefs (even the ones not in svg). I'm not sure if this is the cause, though.

    If I run the exact same json dataset on the exact same server via Studio, all hrefs works fine.

    Is there something href related going on under the hood when reports are rendered "headless", i.e. without using Studio?

  • i found two differences between my service vs runing via the Studio UI.

    • pdfPassword is used in the service, but not in Studio
    • pdfMeta is used in the service, but not in Studio

    After remarking code I have now concluded that pdfPassword breaks my hrefs.
    Is this a bug?

  • I tested pdf password with "password" and it doesn't break the href as you can see:
    0_1633167669540_test (22).pdf

    Could you try to give me some simple HTML that replicates the issue you have?

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