pop-up blocked while rendering report using @jsreport/browser-client in angular

  • Hi sir ,
    Iam using jsreport 3.1.1 version for rendering report in angular .Earlier i was using jsreport 2.11.0 and for rendering i have used jsreport-browser-client-dist ,that time it will render report in new tab without any problem .Now while rendering using @jsreport/browser-client it will always show pop-up blocked and some error messsage in console.

    Error : -

    0_1638615539562_upload-de48a41f-e0da-4035-a820-026f8482163b @jsreport/browser-client

    Another Error is,


    objectURL = "blob:http://localhost:65243/6d60adf0-c1d7-47c1-b0c7-998ef7394efe";

    But window.open(objectURL) returns null .

    Console. error is,


    Could you please tell me what could be the reason?

  • The jsreport 3.2.0 now fixed the background error from the console. However, blocking "pop-ups" is common browsers behavior that needs to be enabled by the user for the particular page.

    You may rather want to use the sync openInNewWindow function that works more like in v2. Please read about this here

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