Report extension method throw timeOut error

  • Hi sir,

    we are using report extension method for async rendering .sometimes it throw timeOut error


    we are using mongo db as our provider for storing our templates.
    My doubt is since our rendering is async why it is throwing timeout error?

    Also our application is microservice application so we have to aggregate/loop multiple microservice service data in order to get complete data for our report due to this we render our report using report extension method.As per my understanding report extension method is async so it will wait for whole data before rendering the report.

    Then why it is throwing timeout error?

  • The config reportTimeout is global and applies also to the "async" reports.
    I'm afraid you should increase it.

  • that means i need to increase reportTimeout .What will be the maximum value of reportTimeout ?

  • I"m not aware of a limit. You can also use very high value if it is reasonable.

  • thank you sir

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