Single Instance enterprise license on AWS Lambda

  • Hello, I have a single instance enterprise license being used on AWS EC2, it is not scaling well, ( if many users request a report at the same time it crashes ).

    We were planning on moving to Lambda, will my license work there? Is there any migration procedure I need to apply before moving forward?

    Thanks in advance

  • You will need a scale license if you want to scale the lambda because it virtually creates multiple instances.

    Tha lambda instructions can be found here
    However now it works only with jsreport v2, because lambda still doesn't support nodejs 16 runtime required for jsreport v3.

    Maybe you can still work with a single EC2 instance if you put a web server like Nginx and limit the number of requests you forward to jsreport in parallel. Or adapt your jsreport configuration to use the number of workers that your EC2 size can handle.

  • Thanks Jan,

    We are playing with different instance types and configurations, seems like it is going to work, we decided to limit the date range parameters for our reports.

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