how to append chrome native footer in all page of pdf

  • Hi sir ,

    I have a template and i used chrome native header and footer but header is not showing in pdf report and footer is visible only in last page. I have given margin for template but it doesn't work.
    I have uploaded my export file in this forum

    [0_1644172418299_export (57).jsrexport](Uploading 100%)

    Also i have shared my export file to mail id -

  • Please prefer using the playground when sharing workspaces so also others can benefit from the problems/solutions. Thank you.

    Your problem is that you set margin, but override it in your template styles:

        @page {
           margin: 0px;

    You should remove this.

  • Can we able to set this template margin from css instead of setting margin from studio or from API?
    <style >
    @page {

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