Replicating JSReport Logout button.

  • Hello,
    When running JSReport to a new Tab, we do not have the logout button. Does Anyone know how one can replicate jsreport logout button?

    In details:
    0_1644829948909_new tab preview mode jsreport.PNG

    We send our non-tech user a link to view different report. This is what they see when they click on the link. We want a logout button for them to end a session when they are done with the reports. Basically the same logout as the one jsreport has.

    The first idea was the clean the cookie on click. However, the cookie is HTTPOnly so we cannot access it, edit or clear.

    Is there a way we can achieve this? Or is there other solutions you can suggest?

    Thank you.

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    Does Anyone know how one can replicate jsreport logout button

    assuming that you are running jsreport server on localhost:5488 i think you can just send a POST request to http://localhost:5488/logout, that should clean and end the session

  • Thank you @bjrmatos This actually worked.

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