JsReport Error in visual Studio 2013 while clicking on Preview Button or F5 in asp .net

  • Hello

    Error is in dialog box which is==>jsreport.clientReportingservice does not contain the info about syncronizetemplatesAsync

    please check screen shot0_1504895037413_bugs.png
    bug image is showing the particulate error which i am getting

    i installed embedded server from nuget successfully which is 1.0.3 version

    from add new item i added the template
    when i clicked on the preview button of template getting error
    i am not getting any info about this error any where please help!

    jsreport .png is showing the template in that preview button is there while clicking on it getting this error please check

    jsreport.clientReportingservice does not contain the info about syncronizetemplatesAsync

  • administrators

    hello! i'm not involved too much in .net part of jsreport but a quick check can be to try to run the example described in this post, if the example runs fine then try to compare the code of your project with the code in the example (specially in places like the Global.asax.cs file, maybe there is some place where some instance is not created or some configuration is missing.

  • EmbeddedReportingServer.ReportingService.SynchronizeTemplatesAsync().Wait();
    its showing the error in asp and asp.net mvc both that SynchronizeTemplatesAsync(). is not found .
    i added all references which is present in github please help me i have the demo of sample jsreport but i am stuck with this

  • Its done
    this SynchronizeTemplatesAsync(). method present in version 0.0.6 not in a latest one now the report is generated .
    Thanks bjrmatos

  • Hi,
    the jsreport.Embedded as well as the jsreport VS extension is not yet updated to reflect the latest changes in the .NET jsreport sdk v2.
    You can downgrade the jsreport.Client, but I strongly recommend to check the latest examples and documentation for v2.


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