Latest version (3.4.1) Cannot GET /

  • Default in our Docker we get the latest version of JSReport. Today I updated my containered JS Report instance with the latest version and now my Report Builder does not load. The message is Cannot not GET /

    Anybody else experience the same problems?

  • see here the container log. It looks like everything started up fine:

    2022-03-18T12:47:47.527Z - info: Initializing jsreport (version: 3.4.1, configuration file: jsreport.config.json, nodejs: 16.13.1)
    2022-03-18T12:47:47.532Z - info: Searching for available extensions in /app/
    2022-03-18T12:47:47.535Z - info: Extensions location cache not found, crawling directories
    2022-03-18T12:47:48.733Z - info: Found 36 extension(s)
    2022-03-18T12:47:48.818Z - debug: Writing extension locations cache to /tmp/jsreport/core/locations.json
    2022-03-18T12:47:48.819Z - debug: Discovered 36 extensions
    2022-03-18T12:47:49.033Z - info: Using extension authentication@3.2.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:49.478Z - debug: Extension authentication@3.2.0 was disabled
    2022-03-18T12:47:49.479Z - info: Using extension base@3.0.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:49.518Z - info: Using extension child-templates@3.0.1
    2022-03-18T12:47:49.522Z - info: Using extension cli@3.1.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:49.526Z - info: Using extension components@3.2.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:49.529Z - info: Using extension data@3.0.1
    2022-03-18T12:47:49.532Z - info: Using extension express@3.3.1
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.272Z - info: Using extension freeze@3.0.1
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.275Z - info: Using extension fs-store@3.1.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.557Z - info: Using extension handlebars@3.0.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.561Z - info: Using extension import-export@3.1.1
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.580Z - info: Using extension jsrender@3.0.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.615Z - info: Using extension licensing@3.0.2
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.655Z - info: Using extension localization@3.2.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.657Z - info: Using extension npm@3.1.1
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.663Z - info: Using extension pdf-utils@3.3.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.666Z - info: Using extension reports@3.0.3
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.716Z - info: Using extension tags@3.1.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.720Z - info: Using extension text@3.0.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.722Z - info: Using extension version-control@3.1.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.746Z - info: Using extension assets@3.3.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.826Z - info: Using extension authorization@3.2.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.831Z - debug: Extension authorization@3.2.0 was disabled
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.831Z - info: Using extension browser-client@3.1.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.835Z - info: Using extension chrome-pdf@3.1.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.839Z - debug: Chrome strategy is chrome-pool, numberOfWorkers: 1
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.840Z - debug: Chrome custom launch options are executablePath=/usr/lib/chromium/chrome, args=--no-sandbox,--disable-dev-shm-usage
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.841Z - info: Using extension docx@3.2.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:50.843Z - info: Using extension fs-store-azure-storage-persistence@3.0.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:51.452Z - info: Using extension html-to-xlsx@3.2.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:51.653Z - info: html-to-xlsx detected chrome as available html engine
    2022-03-18T12:47:51.654Z - info: Using extension pptx@3.1.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:51.656Z - info: Using extension scheduling@3.0.1
    2022-03-18T12:47:51.759Z - info: Using extension scripts@3.2.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:51.760Z - info: Using extension static-pdf@3.0.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:51.761Z - info: Using extension studio@3.4.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:52.134Z - info: Using extension xlsx@3.1.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:52.222Z - info: Using extension public-templates@3.0.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:52.237Z - debug: Extension public-templates@3.0.0 was disabled
    2022-03-18T12:47:52.237Z - info: Using extension sample-template@3.1.0
    2022-03-18T12:47:52.241Z - info: Using extension studio-theme-dark@3.0.1
    2022-03-18T12:47:52.243Z - info: Using general timeout for rendering (reportTimeout: 60000)
    2022-03-18T12:47:52.243Z - info: Using fs provider for template store.
    2022-03-18T12:47:52.315Z - info: fs store is persisting using azure-storage for /app/data
    2022-03-18T12:47:52.560Z - info: fs store is loading data
    2022-03-18T12:48:05.397Z - info: fs store is initialized successfully
    2022-03-18T12:48:05.428Z - debug: studio default theme is: light
    2022-03-18T12:48:05.440Z - info: Creating default express app.
    2022-03-18T12:48:05.539Z - info: Mounting routes under appPath (/jsreport).
    2022-03-18T12:48:05.543Z - info: jsreport server successfully started on http port: 5488
    2022-03-18T12:48:05.546Z - info: Verifying license key free
    2022-03-18T12:48:05.922Z - info: Starting one month enterprise trial
    2022-03-18T12:48:05.927Z - debug: Creating samples is disabled
    2022-03-18T12:48:05.928Z - info: Initializing worker threads
    2022-03-18T12:48:05.928Z - debug: Extensions in workers: base, child-templates, components, data, express, handlebars, jsrender, localization, npm, pdf-utils, reports, text, version-control, assets, browser-client, chrome-pdf, docx, html-to-xlsx, pptx, scripts, static-pdf, studio, xlsx
    2022-03-18T12:48:07.430Z - info: 2 worker threads initialized in 1502ms
    2022-03-18T12:48:07.430Z - info: Starting temp files cleanup with 180000ms threshold
    2022-03-18T12:48:07.431Z - info: reporter initialized

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    when do you get the Cannot not GET / message? when you try to render a report? is the error shown in container logs? or is it browser console?

    which was the previous version that you were using in docker that was not giving you the error?

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