xlsx template no longer works with 3.6.2 (working with 3.5.0)

  • Hi.
    I have a rather complex Excel template (with comments) that worked with version 3.5.0 without any problem. With 3.6.2 it no longer works.
    At the moment it is not clear to me where the problem lies. But it seems to be as a helper block, which is after a {{#each}} block, is executed before the each.
    I see something was changed in 3.6.0 but I cannot make a relation to my problem.
    Thank you

  • Could you please share what you do in the each and what you have in the helper block after?

  • My guess is that the following helper block modifies the $xlsxTemplate in your custom helper?

  • Yes. The helper block modifies the $xlsxTemplate.

    function outputComments(opts) {
        if (opts.data.root.$commentsRecords && opts.data.root.$commentsRecords.cells) {
            var vml = addCommentsShapes(opts.data.root.$commentsRecords.cells);
            opts.data.root.$xlsxTemplate["xl/drawings/vmlDrawing1.vml"] = vml;

  • Thank you. The 3.6 attempts to solve the problem of async using of assets and components in xlsx recipe but this breaks your flow.
    We will analyze how the problem can be solved and come back here shortly.

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