Configure JSReport Studio editor fonts

  • I've read the documentation on how to theme JSReport Studio, but as far as I could get it's only possible to change colors with theming. Is there any way to change the fonts used in the editor? I read that I could use a CSS file to customize the editor, but I couldn't quite understand if that way I could modify anything more than I would be able to using the .config.js file

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    hi @diego-bevilaqua86 with the custom css file approach you basically can do anything there, it is more powerful than the .config.js options because by the nature of CSS you can modify anything on the page with it.

    i have opened an issue for adding options to make it easier to customize fonts in the future, you can track it here

  • Thanks a bunch @bjrmatos =D It's something that does not compromise the usage of the Studio, more like some DX improvement.

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