JsReport slowing down on cloud

  • Hey, I have a free version of JSreport deployed we have made changes in the template, and the jsReport server crashed. I increased the memory to 1024MBs and the server is very slow compared to the instance running in our dev environment.

    Any idea as to why this happens? Or how can I make jsReport faster, does having multiple templates make it slower in general? (I hope not because we are thinking of having all templates in one instance of jsReport)

  • You will need to be more specific...
    How different is the performance? What HW is actually used in the cloud? Is it some kind of shared environment or a dedicated server? How much memory does the report consume when running in dev environment?

  • I am using AWS instance. It is a t2.medium dedicated to the server but js Report is running on docker using ECS service. The ECS service restricts it to 1024MBs of ram memory. I am not sure about the memory usage but it crashes with less memory.

  • I"m not sure how I can help here. Apparently, you will need to try running on similar HW to get a similar performance.

  • Can I also increase workers to somehow increase the performance or concurrency of reports being generated?

  • Increasing workers.numberOfWorkers will allow you to render more reports in parallel. It doesn't help with performance of single report alone.

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