How do I call a component via its' shortid?

  • I can not sucessfully call a component via its' shortid. How should the syntax be for this?

    I have a helper for finding the correct component. The component call looks like this. I simply replaced the name parameter with shortid, but this was maybe too naive.

        someData: 'bla bla',
      }, shortid, options)

  • Hmm, this wasn't implemented in the old V2 syntax. Maybe it's not implemented in V3 either?

    I strongly vote for this feature. I'm building a quite advanced concept with components (BTW. I love them). The origin for my component structures resides in a database. I would rather not rely on component names and locations, since this is not at all as reliable as real keys, i.e. shortid. If I refer to my components via name and location I could breaka a template just my moving or renaming a component.

  • We will consider it...

    You can implement your own helper rendering components by shortid

  • That's great!
    I was looking for an API like this, figured it should exists somewhere.

    Is there any documentation for tha jsreport-APIs?

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