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  • Hello!

    I'm attempting to reference files from our CDN in order to export an HTML page we have to a PDF output. It looks like it's almost working, but I'm having one issue - referencing our CDN results in an Error Code 6 - SSL verification failed.

    I have jsreports running on http instead of https - I tried the httpsserver route, but we are hosting on elastic beanstalk, and the listeners are giving us way too much trouble.

    In theory, I could just include our CDN files and do a search/replace to use only the local files - but I'd like to avoid that overhead and maintaining the CDN in two places

    Is there a way to disable SSL verification for outgoing GET request?

    Thanks much!

    0_1664486122633_upload-69a6c7b8-f2fe-4a9f-93c7-7b359f7ef344 hanks

  • Does this config help?

    "extensions": {    
        "extensions": {
          "chrome-pdf": {
            "launchOptions": {
              "args": ["--ignore-certificate-errors"]

  • Hi Jan,

    Thanks for the quick response, and apologies for the long delay!

    We're using phantompdf still for our reports (we have a number of large reports and a maximum runtime of 30s, and phatomPDF has given us some better looped performance. I have it my backlog to upgrade to jsreport v3, as well as change the server architecture on AWS, but it appears to be a big complicated due to missing libraries). I've tried this configuration with no dice:

    "phantom-pdf": {
    "numberOfWorkers": 4,
    "timeout": 180000,
    "allowLocalFilesAccess": true,
    "defaultPhantomjsVersion": "1.9.8",
    "launchOptions": {
    "args": ["--ignore-certificate-errors"]

    Is there a phantompdf alternative?

    Thank you!

  • Ah ok, you use the phantom. My answer was for chrome.

    We actually already disable the ssl for phantom, but still, it doesn't seem to help

    I remember we had to use some older linux with older openssl in order to make phantom properly deal with https, but I don't remember the details and not sure if its an option for you anyway.

    I'm afraid I won't help you with this. Of course, the recommendation would be to migrate to chrome. We have some hints here:

  • Got it, thanks Jan.

    I'm getting this error for chromePDF:

    We're running on Elastic Beanstalk for an AWS EC2, I believe we're missing dependencies. Do you happen to have a link of the required deps that I can review?

    Similarly - chromium dependencies are potentially keeping us from upgrading to jsreport v3 and moving to ARM64 architecture. Do you happen to know any arm-friendly chromium packages?

    Thanks again!

  • The installation manuals are listed here
    The ubuntu one can is here

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