Need to hire jsreport consultant / developer / professional services

  • I have an urgent requirement to create multi-page PDF reports, and I believe JSReport will work well. I am a one-man development team, and will need assistance, as the timeframe is short to complete the job. I have the report specifications, and require developer assistance do the first implementation entirely, allowing me to come up the learning curve.

    Here’s the report outline (pretty standard):
    -Cover page
    -Multiple sections consisting of
    ---Horizontal bar chart (ChartJS)
    ---Text elements (lists, paragraphs, etc)
    ---Each section starts a new page
    ---Some sections may be multiple pages long
    ---Not all sections will be required for each report
    -Header / footer for each internal page

    The data will be sent via API in JSON format.

    Please reply if you are interested and capable to provide assistance. Note: English language, US, East Coast time zone. Thank you.

  • Hello, good day. Just saw this. Please is the role still open? I'm interested .
    My name is Charles-Clement Avul.

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