Error while trying to load an image to a report

  • Hello,

    I'm using jsreport with node, and I'm trying to show load a jsreport on PDF format with an image on it. Here are the code I'm writing:

    let clientLogoPath = path.join(__dirname, "../public/images/temp/client_logo.jpg");
    jsreport.init().then(() => {

      template: {
        content: `<h1 class="report-title">Report</h1><img src="{{asset "${clientLogoPath}" "dataURI"}}" />`,
        engine: 'handlebars',
        recipe: 'chrome-pdf'
    }).then((out)  => {;
    }).catch((e) => {
    }); }).catch((e) => {

    When I try to Run the following error occur:

    Error when evaluating engine handlebars for template anonymous
    Asset "Full Path image) not found.

    I'm just starting with jsreport, can anyone please guide me through?

  • administrators

    hi @brunomanguinho, assets by default search in the jsreport store, if you want to read a file from the filesystem you need to enable the external file access, add this to your jsreport options (either your configuration file or the options you pass when calling jsreport({ /* options here */ }):

      extensions: {
        assets: {
          allowedFiles: "**/*.*",
          searchOnDiskIfNotFoundInStore: true

    after it the assets will be allowed to read from the filesystem and will find your image.

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