It is not possible to use the helper {{docxHtml}} with the docx recipe

  • I would like to convert a html content into docx and for that I use the recipe docx. The idea was simply to convert the html to word paragraph using the docxHtml helper. Problem is that the file is empty at the end.

  • administrators

    hi @Git-Dobou the support for docxHtml was introduced in jsreport 3.8.0, the playground uses jsreport 3.5.0 so it is not going to work there, you can check the jsreport version in playground by click this button

    0_1668096710854_Screenshot 2022-11-10 at 11.11.18@2x.jpg

    if i download your template and try it on my local with jsreport 3.8.0, it works.

    0_1668096751718_Screenshot 2022-11-10 at 11.10.08@2x.jpg

    we will soon update the playground so devs can share demos and code there. thanks

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